Monday, October 18, 2004

Euro hits 1.2500 Not Breached Since March 04...

The Eur/Usd continues to stay firm above 1.2500. We have hedgefunds that are long the greenback with their stop losses placed at the 1.2550 figure, so far we've reached a high of about 1.2536, watch the sparks fly if we hit the figure. Euro crosses are also performing on the upside today.

p.s. there was a little faggot-ass bomb threat on Northwest flight in Fargo,ND too.

USD is gaining slight ground against the CAD as oil prices take a breather, and profit takers step in... this autumn air makes me really crave cocaine and a walk through the 'mall' in the park. Manhattan is at low peak, with a yellowing of foliage.... that's living... at least for a moment, that's living...


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