Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm in Tatters... Shattered...

I've officially prolonged over 3 years of relative mediocrity, which will end one way or another within 10 months... the reaper doesn't even want to bother taking me... probably doesn't even register on his calendar that I'm alive... yet 'somebody is withdrawing funds from my checking account'... yeah, apparently someone copied my debit card's magnetic strip and is withdrawing cold hard cash from some bunk ass ATM in Madrid, Spain... Hmmph, maybe I'm in Spain and just dreaming I'm in Manhattan. Or maybe, the maid in the Dominican Republic copied my card, and somehow I'm funding some typical Haitian rebellion... I dunno... the correlation matrix on my Eur/Usd-Usd/Jpy no longer works... trying to trade with old fashioned tape reading and basic technical patterns... can't seem to catch a break... all I know is that the Yen is so fucking weak... so I'm currently thinking day by day... make two trades a day, study in the meantime, and just try to survive for the Who concert Sept 18th, 2006.


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