Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another Industrial Ugly Morning... or Another Suburban Family Morning... i'll know in time...

...just wanted to show you the awesome clip on lamp I got for Space Station Tater 7. It'll help me study better at home, and have a soft yellow light for overnight trading. FOMC generally dovish, GDP was bullish, but the JPY dipped 100 points after GDP, ahead of the FOMC, so short Usd/Jpy on pullbacks with a downside target within the Nov 2006 trading range. I also made my 'initial claims' for unemployment benefits. So tommorrow, for the 325K E, add one, to 325,001. And get a Lockheed's heads up... I'm hallucinating, a bit delirious, had serious diarrhea in the beginning of the weak... been rehydrating, but feel like I'm fading, and in ghostly waves, things return to me that still seem real. Always I try to break me, still I try to break me...


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