Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Consumer Confidence Sucks, yet Market Shrugs of News...

Consumer Confidence dropped while HayHeeHoo was sleeping at 14:00 GMT on Tuesday, from 96.7 to 92.8, but that was still better than the whisper numbers of a reading as low as 90. For some reason, the DJIA rallied off this news, as did the USD. I see this as a perfect opportunity to re-establish a short position on all USD pairs. Nice fucking whisper number. Did they pay some college interns to call up every housewife to find out that they were only getting manicures and skipping out on the pedicures this Christmas? I hate these bullshit whisper numbers that manipulate market sentiment. So the Porcelain Doll recommends gaining further Edge on this sad excuse for a dollar cover. Freaking cowards covering their long positions in Eur/Usd, going to the pool. I'm going to the beach. Fine. Fine!Miss out. The big run is going through 128.50 to the double peaks of springtime by early November. And you could twiddle your fingers on the sideline, watching your dumbass reality tv shows, you fucking queers.


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