Monday, December 12, 2005

AND if I make it to the Waterside... I'll Be Sure to Write you a Note...

...Life is like a maze of doors and they all open from the side your on... Cat Stevens (pre-fatwa)

And so the blue demon, is no demon in the common sense... he uttered, 'Greenleaf...' yet his surname was 'Greeley'. Duncan Greeley, CPA. Currently unemployed is he... Hay, once her spherical senses approved of the current innoucous existence in Duncan, she brought him some warm oo-long tea. Seemed to have lost his way after his bi-polar depleted the serotonin on the 'manic' frequency, 5 HT axon twisted and torn, now useless... leaving him a dry husk conquered by major depressive disorder and acute anxiety DSM V. In his lean years, which are most if not all of his current linear years, he kept rolling his small savings in tax free muni-paper, and lived cheap, or should I say, 'existed' cheap. You see, I now let Duncan use the internet to search for jobs, although he is of the older generation, would rather walk door to door with his resume which is as follows:

Mr. Duncan J. Greeley, CPA

Experienced CPA seeking employment in a private or public firm or small partnership.

Education: 1988 Gesserite College, Stillville, PA BA in accounting

1978 Tabor High School, Ixtown, PA, graduated top 35%


1989-1993 customer service representative HR Block; duties included expense items for branch manager.

1995-1996 representative Jackson Hewitt; duties encompass 1099 forms.

2000-2001 Greeley and Tesseract CPA LLP;

Interests: I enjoy Stratego; two minds, a quiet place in the park, and watch the excitement begin...


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