Thursday, January 12, 2006

When JFK returns... Three Things Will Take Place...

1) Johnny Fitzgerald Kennedy will be Frat Brothers with Bush. (read up on his major administrative addendums, a 95% correlation with G.W. Bush)
2)He will strangle Ted Kennedy, manhandle Ted Kennedy, and also left hook Harry Belafonte.
3)Al Sharpton, will own another fleet of limos, because the bottom line is, he's not stupid, he will first make sure he takes care of the next four generations of his family before spending any effort on the 'oppressed'.

So to the Left and Right I ask: What is the definition of 'revolution'?


That's why humans proliferate so quickly... because the achievement of Pure Virtue equates to Extinction. yourself, blind faggots... sure, rage against the machine, only to realize that your rage is being implanted by another 'soft bigotry machine'...(but that's okay, because it's the Machine-machine man establishment, that put the machine blind fury into you)... bring everything down to shit... trust me, leaders will still rise, some good, some bad...

You have a C word that you play like the Ace of Spades... it's called 'Conspiracy'... I have a C word that I play like Trip Aces: CUNTS


At 10:53 AM, Blogger douchenation said...

Ted Kennedy is not qualified to teach driver's ed, but he's questioning—oh, I mean lecturing Samuel Alito about judicial philosophy and integrity. The next thing you know, O.J. Simpson will be signing autographs at battered women's shelters.


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