Friday, May 26, 2006

Say You Don't Want to Chance it... You've Been Hustled Before... Watch it Now, Evil in the Sky...

So I was planning on bringing the kids to a play called 'Haunted', so we took the subway from W72nd down to E8th St, walked over to Avenue B, and apparently the doors were closed. So since it was nice out, we took an exciting relaxed evening walk all the way across town first through Thompson Square Park, listened to a young man with a trumpet trying to join in with older middle aged guitar and drum players, then walked all the way to Washington Square Park where I peed, and then Bleecker, window watching and then we bought a bag of Lay's chips for .99 since I need to save money based upon my lousy equity losses that ate away at my forex gains. Hopped on the Christopher Street subway and home we went! Now I'm going to heat up assorted meats on the foreman grill and have dinner with Chewy, and then we'll have Cinnamon Toast Crunch for dessert. We were planning on watching MirrorMask (Neil Gaiman) on demand, but it's over, so Hay is going to eat dinner down the street at Dan Tempura with her friend, and be back at 10:30pm sharp! And now it's pouring rain outside cooling things off, so after I eat, I might run around on the sidewalks.


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