Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This Shit Cracks Me Up...

So, I'm gonna take a break and meet Mum at Macy's which is like a castle unto itself. I like the basement, because there's food there. Anyways, as I typed this, the dollar vs JPY Euro and GPB had a range over 100 pips, in about 2 hours starting around 4pm est, 6am Tokyo... and then I see this hilarious headline, because I know the feeling (on a much smaller scale of course): Sydney, May 24: There is a rumour going around early Asia that one particular hedge fund is liquidating positions across a number of financial markets in a stressed manner. The rumoured speculation is that the liquidation started in LatAm currencies and flowed onto liquidation of US equities and short USD positions against a number of currencies.

fucking hilarious...


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