Monday, May 22, 2006

This Series of Books Are Quite an Accomplishment: Lockheed Seal of Approval for Summer Reading....

If you like David Liss's books on the era between 1600-1800 c.e. You have to begin reading the Baroque Cyles by Neal Stephenson. It's required reading. Anyways, there's this bar on E18th one block north of Union Square, called Old Town bar and restaurant. I was the only one there after a day of clawing my way back in the black trying to flood the steel stocks to their doom. So this bar is in the middle of a pretty dead street, and it has super high ceilings, super old dark wooden interior, quite large interior, like a gothic, western, irish, with huge mirrors plastering the back of the bar which is huge unto itself, and the bartender himself had NO reflection in the mirror. And I was mesmerized by the place. I almost felt dorky enough to ask the bartender how high the ceilings were, basically it's two stories high probably as the building itself is about three, and I know that ghosts and sometimes spirits from Un-Earthly places drink whisky there.


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