Thursday, May 18, 2006

when it comes to trading, heed this... your mind is not for rent, to any god or government...

Genetic Blends, with uncertain ends...
Come to find out, the pound is forming a nice short term descending triangle approaching the figure at 1.8900. Yen targeting 111.00. I just returned from a meal at Pizza Joint Too PJII's, which is one and the same as Big Nick's, but it is closer to my spaceship. I brought the kids, but don't tell Mum, because we actually ate pizza yesterday... Nevertheless, Curious had some of Hay's Manicotti, so he felt all grown up. I for one, had a dollar beer in a frozen mug, while reading Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver, Volume I of the Baroque Cycle... I like to pretend I'm in a tavern in the late 1600's c.e. So I chose PJII, which is all wooden paneled inside with soft yellow lighting, similar to candle and torch light... It befuddles me that the Baroque Cycle books are always in the Sci-Fi section due to the author's previous works, when it is in fact based on academic history, not even historical fiction, like David Liss. I believe it would've been an even better seller, if it were in the literature section of book stores. I would hope that no movie version would come of this series, as a visual 3 hour rendition couldn't possibly do even a ounce of justice to it, even if it were 10 hours.


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