Thursday, May 11, 2006

Knuckleheaded OCD as opposed to perfectionism...

...not really, but i'm trying to figure out who sings this song, that I first heard at an H&M clothing store sometime in 2005, then heard it again on a mix in the fish and chips eatery called A Salt and Battery... It's definitely a pop rock/dance song that could definitely be used for a retail clothing store commercial like JC Penney, or a conglomerate store like K-Mart, or for the opening of a sitcom... it starts off with vocals, that turn into a soul sounding refrain that gets high-pitched, remotely a mix between Lenny Kravitz and the Black Crowes, but I'm pretty sure it's neither, because it boarders on catchy beat but clearly cheap sounding overall, like catchy beat Maroon Five sounding. I took double Unisom about 15 minutes ago and will finish Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson(the Baroque Cycle Volume I)... any suggestions on what the song is or the band? I think I can make out words during the higher pitched refrain, but it's so generic that I don't think it will help: '...out all night.... best friend...'

did I mention that i'm going fucking sweaty headache pissdrink because I can't seem to figure it out via research... I should probably just turn on the radio because it must be played often still on the billboard stations...


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