Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yummy Pieces of Steak and Super Salad Bar Fun!

mum brought me to Chiarscurro's plataforma for me birthday, and it was super yummy and delicious and tons of yummy meat. It was across from a cool little park north of Times Square area near W49th and 9th ave. I was groggy all day, but still had a great time, and looking back at the dinner and the gifts that Mum and the Kids wrapped up, I was so happy. This is a picture of a garden sculpture tucked between two buildings near the restaurant and a picture of part of the new Tool album with fun stereophonic 3-d glasses. I would like the Yen to strengthen to the 108.70's range with pound breaking through 1.90... I would like to eat a philly cheesesteak tonight.


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