Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Jog Around the Lower Loop of Central Park...

...waiting for the pound to cover a bit... it rained and thundered a bit while I was jogging... not many people in the park, twas around 530pm... forgot that cars go through the park during that time, so I stayed on the inside around sheep's meadow and then on the side of the Carousel most of the time... I wonder if I'll ever get more than say, 2 weeks of actually feeling safe and that things are actually solid... but I guess that will only happen in about 50 more years, maybe less... It's quiet at home tonight... Hay is preparing for her Debate Team tournament this weekend. They are in the semifinals, which takes place at the Hargrave House on the corner of Columbus Ave. If they make it to finals next weekend at Hunter College, they'll have a Tween Party.


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