Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Apparently I'm at odd with the consumer...

The consumer was confident as indicated today. I'm not. I don't get it. I should be, given my background and credentials. But I just calculated the cost of 3 ramen noodles with 1 egg a piece per day, for one month to be cost effective. And that's a conservative estimate, as I will often times only eat once or twice a day... I'm going to run down to the NYMEX now... yeah... runnerboy... so it was funny... the clerks and then the clerks who became traders that I spoke to were as follows: All of them were over 30yrs old. I didn't get it. Because a clerk makes next to nothing. Yet they did the clerking program before they traded in the pit. There was a white ex-military guy, a black Wharton grad, and the quintissential former Italian heavyweight boxer. The pit for whatever reasons, which was based out of Chicago, has the most eclectic group of traders, or of people in general crowded into one room. Usually, when you think of trading, you picture guys like the Wharton guy, or moreover, a white Wharton guy, but the pit, where most of the fortunes are made and lossed or scattered, literally is a 3 Ring Circus... the crude oil pit(ring), the heating oil pit, and the nat gas pit...


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