Monday, September 18, 2006

Now That Oil is Plummetting, Should WIMPS now propose a Windfall Loss Subsidy?

...anyways... yen weakness is making no sense, no fucking sense in regards to dollar strength which makes no fucking sense... none... yen should be at least 111.00 if not 109.00 if not 105.00 by now... I'm sick of it... Went to San Genarro Festival for a study break... festive, with a rickety ferris wheel and I'll have to bring the camera one day this week to take pictures of it at night... goes till Sunday the 24th. Each night till 11pm. it's festive, it's cheap, and the food tastes like wax food, but it's still fun.... Anyone, explain to me the dollar's strength against the yen? Why? TICS, Current Account, horrible for the dollar, fed pause, and almost dovish on Wednesday, and an in-line PPI in about 9 hours... I survived so far to see the Who tomorrow at Madison Square, that was my first short term goal.... next goal after monthly fixed expenses, is to eat one to two meals a day... with average weekly expenditures of 20 dollars max.


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