Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Island good bye...

...had 40 pips in the money ahead of Trade balance... set my stop at scratch... I scratch... I'm long a large Usd/Jpy position from 117.96... runs to 118.16 while I'm outside gently walking a random old lady with a push cart to the new HIP center next to my apartment... I'm back inside, the position is still on, but it's now trading 117.97... and now it's trading 117.95... I'm now down on this trade... total Pnl swing so far today:

+400 down to O +504 down to O down to -25.43. Had I stuck to my guns on the overnight trade that would've locked in +400. Had I not helped that lady find the HIP center, I would have locked in +504. A total of +904 by 2:00pm Tuesday. A mini intraday fortune, that I gathered up, flew into the sky, and scattered my fortune, island good bye, island good bye... I gotta go now... tis written...


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