Wednesday, November 17, 2004

EndGame USD...EndGame Self,Ego,SuperEgo.

It's true that the Clairvoyant can predict all things except the death of himself... Despite an outrageously higher U.S. PPI, and a better capital inflow as provided by the TICS data, the Euro continues to flirt with the 130.00 level with ease, perhaps expecting Greenspan to throw in the towel and allow the ultimate in weak dollar policies to help assuage the current account as he meets with Trichet of the ECB and Iwata of the BOJ this week. These missed opportunities, these burgeoning deficits, these choked surpluses, the writing was on the wall way back in October, when the Yankees skewed the Bell Curve to a level beyond statistical comprehension in their utterly prodigous spoil of their 3 game lead... I throw up my hands in defeat too, blown opportunities and choking the lead in the 4th, knockout in the 12 round, while ahead on all cards, the Prodigal Son who not only damages himself, but those dearest to him...How foolish I was to think that I had finally escaped the grasp of my Almighty companions, Mr. Depression and Ms. GAD(generalized anxiety disorder). Hello again. Creditors own my soul now, before, it was just the devil... Posted by Hello


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