Thursday, November 11, 2004

Six Flags, Forex Style... Price of Vomit Bags Up Sharply today...

All is quiet again, adrenaline junkies got their fill... I'd kill for another session like that... We still have German and Japanese GDP today but that's about it... Market seems lately to be shrugging off the poor data out of the Eurozone's largest economy, but that may change after today's obvious profit taking in masses as the Euro approached Maximum Damage at 1.30 after the U.S. Trade Balance still burgeoned above 50billion in September and crude oil inventories were hardly in supply. What a day it was, such a Sock Hop Swing Dance, it made me even sicker than I already was, enough to make analysts around the globe Re-Edit their publications mid-day so as not to sound too crack-piped out. Overall, a sizaeable, valid shake out of longs in the Euro, causing the USD to rally abroad... most notably against the Yen, as it broke through 107.00 and holds. Is this interim support, or just pure exhaustion with traders catching their breathe for the rest of the week? Holidays in the USA, Canada, and France. Posted by Hello


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