Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Nothing until 10500 holds or repels like a skunks liquid defense...

...a futuristic(yet frozen frequency in time) image from the Brooklyn Bridge at lower Manhattan... natural gas back above 14 ahead of tomorrow's inventory numbers, Microsoft which has dorm rooms and a campus for its disciples will release earnings tommorow... perhaps a meaningful catalyst rather than a simple Bernanke relief rally... Bernanke can do the job, and at his age, I don't believe he will let any remnants of an ego get into his way, so we can presume status quo a la hawk... you've requested malice and disparagement, but I can only say he is so very plain looking and of high intellect but lacks the eccentricity needed to prompt any 'viscous praise or denigration'... although I must say, if you hold any muni-bonds from the commonwealth of puerto rico, you might want to unwind your positions... and re-evaluate in 2007.


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