Friday, October 07, 2005

Dow well below 10500; things could have been worse though...

...first overecast/drizzle yet no 'rain' day in Manhattan for over 6 weeks... I might take a jog around the Reservoir and go exploring... the other day I heard the loud baritone cackle of the Reservoir Monster around the northern bend... NonFarm Payrolls so far had not registered as large of a drop as expected, but ISM services prices paid were at a record high, with 10 yrs yielding back above 4.40%... Blockbuster SSS was down for september after Time warner gave out free one month HBO on demand to its subscribers... and of course the continued conglomeration of crap movies in all genres, gives Bollywood a chance for the Academy Award. The other day I walked into a Build a Bear workshop and they've launched the sister store Made to B a Friend, where you could make soft dolls... I bought mum a clip-on reading light with LED gradient so the light does not spread throughout the room at night... maybe will eat at Yakatori Taisho's in St. Marks tonight... haven't done so in a while...


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