Monday, October 03, 2005

ISM 59, Prices Paid Not as High... Double Bonus before Earnings Season...

Manufacturing sector posting major growth... Anyways, Hay won a certificate at the Youth Chess Tournament in Central Park, she made it to the third round(she pretended she didn't think it was a big deal, but when Curious grabbed the certificate she got mad)... We dropped her off at the Chess House early, and they all had pizza for lunch...(she didn't want us to watch her compete because it would make her nervous). Curious wanted to go to the mini-amusement park in Wollman Rink but it was finished for the season, and instead there were antique and exotic cars on display... we took him to the zoo, where they had alot of red ear slider turtles(like Amex and Chewy), and giant acorns in the petting zoo. And then after making a flat penny with a frog impression on it, we twirled around one ride on the Carousel as a substitute good for the amusement park... We also discovered two new eating boothes in the park, one near the softball fields below Sheep's Meadow, and then Leaping Frog Cafe at the Zoo, which we plan to go to when it's really crisp and cool out(perhaps November) and order hot chocolates and sit outside since Central park Zoo is open year round... My upper back is pulsating and aches as I type this... it's 1115am est, and sunny out... If I can't fall asleep by NOON, I'm going to get some vitamin-e sunlight outside... maybe read a book at Hudson or Centrax...


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