Saturday, December 17, 2005

RAI Leaps to 102... on MO dismissal...

...ah the day after the Reynolds Tobacco post, both dividend and capital gains came true, I hope you closed your longs on the news... up 10 points on RAI the safer play than MO, after Illinois Supreme Court threw out the 'lights' case against Altria(the tech company-haha)... that's precedence my friends... yes, I smoke light cigarettes(will quit in 6 months) but I still know it's the equivalent of sticking my mouth over a muffler pipe on a 1982 Toyota Corolla with over 100,000 miles on it, and I don't think I was 'fooled' by the tobacco company advertisements, not even the Cro-Magnon is that ignorant. I also noticed now that Macy's alternates which Escalators will be functioning on each floor so they don't get sued by people claiming they don't let you get enough cardiovascular exercise and therefore contribute to health problems... and look at the tertiary dees, I mean turtle doves... basking in the sun... after a warm meal of bloodworms...


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