Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Dollar Rally Last Week, Left A Many RiskTakers Nonplused... But Ahoy Matey, the 'Change' is Open!

Yes, on a quiet long weekend in the States, the flux never takes vacation, and after the stops have been cleaned through, the dollar will fall yet again... after a brief excursion around the block, I return to the spaceship and ask, 'How's the Change, Chewy?'. Chewseph, being ancient and slightly prescient, is skilled at identifying full on covariance retracements...
To the regular person, Boat Basin Cafe on W79th by the Hudson River, is known as an outdoor grilling area in an old Romanesque Boat Basin during the summer, where you get burgers and chips and beer and watch the sunset. But I usually go there to obtain information of all sorts (some to be discarded, other bits quite valid) and trend patterns from the many Ghosts of the Change. There's a set of dead traders that meet at the Boat Basin, as it serves well as a 17th century Dutch Bourse, or an Exchange. The bancas sit around the amphitheatre on the edges, and the interior that looks out onto the Hudson is for the smaller lot traders and clerks, and the runner boys to the main pit which is appropriately in the center. Sometimes, if you have a runner boy perched down by 72nd street, they can see pirate ships coming to plunder cargo boats, and in their case, it was a load of lead and timber. The Revolutionary War was supposed to take place much earlier than 1776c.e. and was to end quickly with no bloodshed, and hence no need for lead and timber death; so the ghost traders were building up a heavily short position in timber and lead everytime the pirates would come and loot the supply off key cargo ships, jolting the already extremely high contracts higher and higher. Of course the war dragged on, and their shorts never panned out, and in a stalemate of financial ruin, many of the traders ended up vagabond galley slaves, tortured and dead. As such, their ghosts still lurk around Boat Basin, during all seasons, waiting for Volatility to return, so they can make their living again... I was just there, drinking a Corona, when I happened upon an old Portuguese ghost by the dark overhead near the men's bathroom. He was missing his left ring finger, as it was chopped off (ring couldn't come off, and his wife died of French Pox after leaving him for dead on a galley ship) to pay for some food to keep him alive until the next wave of commerce... He told me that 'steel' commodities were to be currently bought on dips, and copper should be carefully shorted as a hedge... I told him in return, that pirates no longer frequent the Hudson, so he needn't cause a stir in the timber market everytime a cargo ship or tugboat steamed pass... he relayed this information to his dead and perpetually decaying Runner Boy, who was known as Rumour Boy in the 1600's...


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