Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bleeding Has got to stop, starting on Monday...FINITE I found out what that song was that they play at retail stores like H&M. I was trying to figure it out about 4 months ago, and the song came out in 2004, more popular in the UK. It's from a band called 'Scissor Sisters', 'take your mama out'. It's pretty fun with an energetic poppy beat, better musical composition, hints of Black Crowes/Lenny Kravitz(in the Chorus/Refrain), but on critical par with a song like 'Jesus Jone's' right here right now, so it should be picked up by a retail clothing t.v. commercial, maybe JC Penneys(which had great earnings). And when I read the lyrics, turns out it's a subtle gay guy/ terribly upset mother at son being gay song. But the kids wouldn't know it when listening, sorta like Karma Chameleon... they just like the melody and beat.

Also, when I first heard the name of the band, I thought it sounded like this: which is a picture of the Wire Twins (Action Figure Set) in one of the later installments of Clive Barker's Hellraiser(I think the Wire Twins are Attractive). Then Hay told me that some kids at school said 'Scissor Sisters' is a lesbian sexual engagement pose, which made sense to me, and it's just coincidence that Clive Barker is gay, and has nothing to do with the song whatsoever, which reminded me of the special 'left handed' scissors with 'green cover on thumb holes' for the left handed kids in elementary school. And a few years after elementary school, I read John Gardner's Grendel, and now it's a new opera, which I am seeing with Mum and Hay at Lincoln Center. Also, Lebanon I think hints of 'cease-fire', so perhaps the peace premium which is evidently undervalued going into this weekend, might lift the markets Monday, where the bleeding has to stop on a dime.


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