Monday, July 17, 2006

Imagining a Daughter who Imagines she's discovering dinosaur fossils when they're only rocks...

...the office grid blows out in the heat, knocking out 1/4 of the trading floor... so I go back to the home office... position limits are all screwed up, so I'm waiting for the glitch to fix... it's now high noon, and I'm reloading my six gun for another duel with [KLAC] and [GM].

So I yelled at Hay just a moment ago, I shouted in a serious bass, "Unless you discovered a perfect fucking square, then you fabricated these measurements... 6"x6"!??" This was in regards to her twice a week summer camp Paleontologist/ Archeologist assignments, where she's supposed to dig in the parks and discover fossils. Hay said it was Curious who scribbled the numbers into her notebook. So last month, I go all over town looking for dinosaur stickers to stick on Hay's science log notebook, and then she just blows off the last assignment(after doing three of them properly). She shouted with clench fists at me, "Daddy, they're not fossils or dinosaurs, they're just stupid rocks!" And then she started tearing up in the eye. "I'm too old for this camp, I should be studying foreign policy!" And then she just dropped on the floor and kicked, the yellow plastic archeologist helmet with the flashlight taped on the top that Mum made for her after painting over one of those ice cream ball Yankees helmet. "Pick it up." No response. "PICK the GODDAMN HELMET UP." She picks it up and places it in her turtle shell backpack with the yellow rubber gloves we used to use to clean the bathtub, some chopsticks, some kite string, a tiny shovel and a brush. "Now go read the recent issue of the Economist and bring Curious with you to the water fountain along the Hudson. And be back at 4:30." "Can we go to the fountain at Battery Park? It's funner." "No, it's too far, and too hot, and no warm soda either, fill up that poland spring bottle with the brita water in the fridge."


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