Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto, for doing the jobs nobody wants to... I took some photos of the holiday village in Union Square, which is pretty outstanding, on my way to see George Soros at the BN. Not much talk about economics other than basic answers, and a lot more talk about humdrum politics.

I think a Hungarian Jew who survived a Nazi Death camp in WWII has the right to be liberal, especially one who puts his money where his mouth is; what bothers me are the multitude of 3rd and 4th generation white kids/people in America who think they are deservingly right to be liberal too. Give the world a break. You fucking faggots. Same goes for any minority born in America after 1970. Don't bitch and ride on the ticket of somebody else's past suffering. (even if it's 'oh so fashionable' and having 'street cred' is much cooler than having 'college cred').

The interviewer tried to squeeze out of him an answer about which candidates he likes the most for the Democratic card in '08, and he interpreted that Barrack Obama was on the top of his list. A junior senator is simply too young to get elected(regardless of the other obvious factoid). But that's all I'm going to say about an issue that I haven't really researched. The sun seems to be going to down extra early this year, and there's a hint of impending death in it. The Bank of England and the European Central Bank will have their double header at 700am and 730am est Thursday. Regardless of the rhetoric, and the 100 pip daily swings, the pound is due for a retracement, at least to the 1.93 handle within a few days to a week, unless U.S. NFP on Friday is a flagrant shitter.


At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barack HUSSEIN Obama...

He definitely will be elected because he will garner votes across all parties:

-his celebrated Bi-Racial background - for the 'i feel like we owe them something' liberal pussies

-he's a well spoken Harvard Law Grad - for the elite

-he's smoke pot and done cocaine as a teenager - hippy/rebellious

-he's from the mid west- bible people

-his middle name - for the terrorists in hidden cells

hmmm....there's probably more feel free to add on...

of course, none of this actually has anything to do with his political views which at quick glance seem worthy and his actual political you know most people really don't care to vote about those issue, and care about the above.


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