Monday, November 27, 2006

Dining on expense accounted gruel...

...overall market meltdown, but not worried about April ENCY calls... plenty of theta too burn, with ENCY printing above $7.00 earlier in the day... sun sets so early these cyclical ray days, with the possibility of absolutely depressing me for the final linear time... visited Patches' grave over the holiday, might visit Amex's too... I'm going to start using my Go-Lite for 30 minutes or so a day in front of the computer; it's blue LED light that helps me feel okay and sleep better and I can check my progress on the golite website! My Go-Lite comes with an awesome carrybag, but I still don't want to drop it on the subway in case I trip or people push me while I'm fumbling to get my partial denture on. 'My Go-Lite, my Go-Lite!' 'Stop it, my big brother got this for me!' Shove. 'Get outta the way, dork!' Smash... and the graven image you know who, with his plastic crucifix, he's got me fixed...


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