Thursday, November 16, 2006

Alright, it's thin ice I'm walking on right now, but at least it's ice...

...and not fire and brimstone... So now I'm hedging Coffee Options with Coffee futures... it's a very exciting Pit, which is deeper in rings than the Rbob or Heating Oil Pit... and the actual floor looks more futuristic with less TT screens, and more green monitors like night galaxy spaceship frequencies... hopefully I last long enough that I can read some massive order flow from the mysteriously massive Interbanks by keeping a close ear on the Currency Pit which is over to the corner of the Coffee Pit. And that's about it. I traded a stable future to trade futures. And it can end at a drop of a dime. So what. I got the skills to trade independent anyways, evident in that my forex gains fed and sheltered me through the harsh summer months, up until now, and that's even with giving up half of them in a one month manslaughter.


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