Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two Topics: Proper Hanging, and Floyd 'Not So Pretty Boy' Mayweather 'Senior'

After work I ran into Floyd Mayweather Jr's father, also Floyd, who was not able to attend last weekend's fight due to a battery charge, (as in domestic or public violence, not as in his Bentley needed a jumpstart). Floyd Sr, being the coach of Oscar de la Hoya, said the fight would not happen between the Golden Boy and the Pretty Boy because Oscar's dad wants Oscar to retire. Talk about fucked up conflicts of interest. The interest alone on the purses of that fight could feed the entire nation of Sierra Leone.

A Hanging done properly, is as painless as dying in your sleep. All this chatter about people against the 'hanging' of Saddam Hussein. Some for reasons about incurring more violence, others borne out of WIMPS, MTV and Che Guevera-esque elitist liberal bullshit. For those who fall in the latter category, please watch the clip of 'Neil Berg', a mere anti-war journalist, getting slowly beheaded, and turn up the volume so you can hear him scream and gurgle, all the way until the knife is 3/4 through his neck.


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