Sunday, October 29, 2006

Like a No Ship, the Fabled Dune 7 appears at bookstores out of nowhere...

...after finishing Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle, for my brain relaxation reading, I began reading the prequels of Dune written by Frank Herbert's son and another sci-fi co-author. As fun as they are(I'll continue to read them), I am never overzealous about 'prequels', and the writing in the prequels borders on young adult fiction at times. Anyways, mum said the other day that she saw a 'new' Dune book, and I thought it was probably another installation of the prequels, and that she was just saying senile stuff subconsciously trying to grasp at the olden days which made me sad. Turns out, she was right; it's the fabled seventh book of the original Dune series, that follows after Chapterhouse Dune, the latter of which was published 20 years ago. The manuscript/outlines and notes of 'Hunters of Dune', were locked in a box, and discovered while Herbert's son was writing the last prequels, 'House Corrino', etc. The cover art is great, and so are the colors, as you can see. I'm definitely going to read a chapter or two tonight before bedtime. And since it may have been ages since you've read Chapterhouse Dune, you could read a simple plot synopsis on wikepedia which is pretty sufficient.


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