Friday, October 13, 2006

So there's this site that I hear about and this one is funny...

The site is called, 'overheard in new york', and basically people write in with things they overheard. And this one is hilarious, especially because of the 'title' of it, because the title is absurdly true:

It's Even Funnier If You Know What They're Talking About
Girl #1: You're a geek, too. You took your Lord of the Rings action figures to the opening night of Return of the King, and you made them sit on your lap and watch the movie.

Girl #2: That wasn't me.

Girl #1: Oh yeah. That was me. But you like Dune.

Girl #2: Don't you have a crush on Muad'Dib?

Girl #1: Oh yeah.

--Penn Station

So the title is funny, because everyone can logically follow the Lord of the Rings stuff, but if you actually know who Muad' Dib is, it's painfully funny.


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