Monday, October 09, 2006

The Comparison Leaves No Excuse for the (.......) man. the fruitstand on the corner of my street, hired a new guy to collect the fruits and handle the cash flow. Technically, it's not necessary for this guy to be working there, because it's only about a 6x3 foot fruit table, but as I always say, I respect the work ethic of the Mexican immigrants that I see working in NYC all the time. This guy loves his job, is always quick to open the plastic bag and even smiles a lot. About two weeks after he was working at the fruitstand, I noticed he was given more responsibility and now handles the cash exchanges too.

As simple as it may be, it's both a sense of appreciation and accomplishment, because it's all about relative prosperity and proportional happiness. Skills, Work Ethic and Job position all in line. That's being content.

And he's even developed some raw sales skills, because he knows his regular customers(me for one), and one time, when I walked by, he opened a plastic bag, ready for me to buy my bananas.

I wish he worked at the Mcdonald's across the street instead of the majority of other types working there(see previous Mcfucknald's post a few posts down for a classic golden arch observance). The language barrier would prevent a cashier position, but I bet he would flip the exact amount of burgers on time, and even read order flow and build up a temporary surplus based on the lines, instead of having hip hop rap contests behind the grill.


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