Thursday, October 05, 2006

If You Are Reflexively Offended By this Post, then, you're probably one of the reasons why I'd rather jump off the Empire State building...

...anyways, there is this crazily efficient Southeast Asian girl working at the McDonald's on W72nd and Broadway... You notice this because the following: You walk in, and there are FOUR cashiers taking orders. THE LINE of customers, is divided as such: 1, 2, 9, 1. The line of 9 is waiting behind the asian girl, and it quickly becomes a line of 3, then 1, etc.... Because she's like a fucking human calculator, and moves the line and revenue stream at 10 people per 1, versus the other girls and boys, which I will politically correctly and patronizingly say for the WIMPS(well intentioned misguided pussies), are a little more to the left of the classic linear color spectrum. And then, the line formations becomes 0, 1, 2, 1, within 5 minutes. And the cashier with 0, says under her breathe, so NOBODY could hear her except me, because I already had my fucking fries and chicken strips all ready to go, 'can I help-' and then she just giggles, turns around, and starts literally pinching this other guy's ass who's making a soft chocolate ice cream cone. Whatever. Call Al Sharpton if you are offended by this post. I'm sure he really cares.

I was almost going to add, that white people are allowed to be loud and obnoxious too, unless you subconsciously hold them to a higher standard than non-white people, whom must always be given the benefit of the doubt, regardless because mtv says so(and because you really think they are inherently inferior) ... oh wait, I just did add that....


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