Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How I want to be comfortably numb, but just uncomfortable these days...

...seems like NFP this Friday will register a soft to crash landing figure... After about 10 interviews in the past month or so, no offers... I think people call on my resume with absolutely no intention to hire, but to use me as interviewee fodder for new Human Resource hires to practice interviewing with. I should get paid for that I think. I should get paid by each company who I give up my opportunity cost away from the market where I could be making money, and dress up and show up for triple interviews that take hours, only to never hear back from them. I really should get paid, because I'm basically training their Human Resource department on how to interact with a solid candidate.

I truly believe that if I had simply focused on trading since July '06 without any distraction from recruiters and firms giving me the runaround, I could have made back the fortune I had, but lost in June '06. Tomorrow, it begins. I'm going back to the office, and will trade both equities and foreign exchange. Then, at 5pm, I will study until 8pm. And then afterwards, come home a little past midnight, so I can avoid something that on the outside, seems trivial, but on the neurotic scale, is blunting to me, and stifles my attempt at progress.


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