Monday, October 02, 2006

automat and japanese post war sinatras...

...on st. marks, not to be confused with the twin taisho yakitori's is a somewhat new japanese place that when one enters is twilightesque zone, with post war japanese show tune music playing off of bomb shelter siren speakers, old japanese pinball games hanging on the wall, and an outdoor smoking area... if you stay too long, you realize that all the employees are horrifically burnt with exposed teeth and gums and no eyelids(ie-ghosts from the 1950's)... also aside from it is the Automat, which is the automatic warm food and treat vending machine wall. You could get chicken nuggets, peanut butter/jelly, burgers, etc... without any human interaction, in a retro-futuristic environment, also twilight zone... where if you try to walk to 3rd ave, you end up back on st. marks starting on 2nd ave again, and it's always night.


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