Wednesday, October 04, 2006

GM Plops and Poops on news of no merger... and the birth and entrenchment of the Corporate Dole... should plop down further for the rest of the month... but once again, I'm posting on the blog during the day, during a weekday...anyways, I've never had a problem transfering credit card balances, online or on snail mail... until I got the blue card from Amex(not to be confused with my late turtle who rests on a hill in the Ramble, basking in the occasional sun patch, a hill that I wish to likewise rest on soon).

...Anyways, if you ever become so desperate for employment, send your resume(even if it is blank, with zero or even 'negative' education(negative education would be if you were actually being taught that 1+1 equals 85 million or 38.2), and zero experience or negative experience, just write your name(you don't actually need to know how to write, so have somebody write your name on the top line of your blank resume) to American Express for a customer service position. I bet they get paid at least 30k with benefits too.

...So basically, for all intents and purposes, they won't let me pay my bill online, nor will they send me a bill in the mail; until I miss my first payment date, so they can jack my APR to at least 30%. Then it should work smoothly, I'm sure of it. I'm told to call back in 24 hours and it should be 'working', although I was told the same thing last week. I just didn't have the care of the damn to actually have them put me on hold 1000+ times to keep passing this simple issue and responsibility to each of their 'colleagues' in their fucking monkey cage, until I got slowly up the shithead ladder to speak with somebody who isn't on corporate welfare.

Motherfucking retards got me good, which thereupon makes me a quadruple retarded faggot.


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