Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Metal Meltdown Continues... AA misses street...

...as will NUE, X, and the whole complex, in an already battered sector(short term)... but this post is about ceramics and rubber and cloth... mum redecorated the bathroom and the kids love it... curious pretends he's in a winter forest in a high mountain in Japan with snow monkeys and hot wellsprings... you could argue that this is just a 'filler post', but it's actually a pretty nice looking bathroom now and comfy on your feet... there's also a mosquito in my room that has bitten me 10 times so far in the last 24 hours... and I can't find him... also, late at night, I often tell Curious that at the Candy Store, there's tons of Sesame Street character dolls, and he's says,'yeah, yeah, elmo...' and then I say under my breath,'And they're also selling tons of pretty good Curious George dolls...' and then he immediately says,'What? What? Whadda you mean?' and then gets sad and sleeps with Hay.


At 11:17 AM, Blogger Skij Yesh On Domorrow-Walker said...

god i hate when there's one mosquito and all you hear is his buzzing and see the welts he leaves but you just can't find the fucker - especially when you've put the spray on but that doesn't deter him it makes me more afraid fo the dark


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