Monday, November 06, 2006

Gears of War Commercial: Celluloid Heroes, Never Feel Any Pain...

So, the Gears of War video game for XBOX has a hilarious commercial, due to the juxtaposition of a somber sorrowful, yet peaceful song with the graphical play of a future soldier versus aliens, etc... here is the original:

if you look at the rest, on Youtube, there are tons of other Remixes, where people tried to substitute other songs that would work well with the clip of the video game in the commercial.

...also, in other news, I fear and feel sadness that the NYMEX might go fully electronic soon, save for the option market makers, of which I am on the lowest totem of, so I might be safe, and be part of keeping alive the fabled hallowed ground of the trading pits of civilization...

...also, as seen here: spicy hummus, cabot sharp cheddar cheese, and triscuits, make an excellent hearty snack, and moreover, an almighty last supper...


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