Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Nausea of Those Who are soley Defined by their Oppositions(especially supposed oppositions)

I would certainly say it's natural to have some part of your identity, at different times in one's life, defined by the same or various oppositions. But the opposition seekers who have no other recourse in affirming a positive healthy self identity, due to their own flaws which they are incapable of acknowledging, basically try to create something out of nothing in order to have a sense, albeit utterly false, of tangible value in their own existence. In itself, that is just a sad way to live. However, the 'nauseating' aspect begins when this type of person does 'nothing' to actually dismantle the opposition(whether it is real or not, whether it is valid or not, whether the opposition even deserves to be dismantled), and is simply sated by constantly having this friction and misguided indignation(of course they don't know it's misguided), in which they are too dense or too weak or too pussy to actually confront on practical terms. Similar to hatemongering and weekend warriors. I for one, enjoy ping pong.


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