Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dreamworks Bankrupt Overnight After Pay Per Click Advertisement Contract with TMZ website...

...I decided to check out what the 'groundbreaking earth shattering news' was about 'Kramer', (whom I still don't know his real name), said at some comedy club. It wasn't funny, but it also wasn't newsworthy, but it was the first thing I saw on the news well ahead of the Lebanese Minister's gunshot death(if you look at the bullet pattern, and consider that it was 'point blank', either the gunman was horribly nervous, had turret's or cerebral palsy, or had a very long rifle http://today.reuters.com/news/articlenews.aspx?type=topNews&storyID=2006-11-21T180242Z_01_L21814193_RTRUKOC_0_US-LEBANON-MINISTER.xml&src=112106_1403_TOPSTORY_lebanese_minister_assassinated ); anyways, I didn't know Kramer was considered a 'role model' by the public to begin with, but apparently people are angry enough like he was Mother Theresa or the Queen of England or something, but the hilarious thing is, that when I clicked on the TMZ video cap, the first thing I had to sit through was an add for Dreamwork's 'Flushed Away'. Talk about incongruent. First of all, 'Happy Feet' somehow made over $40 million, and I think 'Flushed Away' bombed at the box office. And I could only imagine how many fucking clicks the TMZ video cap is getting because most people in this country have pussy syndrome. I saw the video, and didn't really get it; it was some local comedy club, not some live network Comedy Benefit show, and it was freaking 'Kramer'; and what's also hilarious is that on Letterman, he keeps saying 'Afro-Americans', trying his best to be politcally pussy correct. Also, I love the rainbow bright 'spin' that people are putting on the situation, that everyone of 'all' colors started walking out of the performance because they were 'All Offended'. Yeah right, the Black people left because they were offended, and the White people left because they were afraid of gunshots and rioting. (and don't say you wouldn't be!)


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