Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Strong as an Ox, Fresh Out the Box!

...So ENCY had serious down volume earlier today, specs says hedgefund profit taking, ahead of the impending weekend 'FDA' decision on Thelin, stop hunting brokers cleaning books for the month of Nov, etc, all being plausible: http://www.fda.gov/ usually updates quickly... So the April 7.50 in the past two days traded as high as 1.60 and as low at 1.10 at the close today... I think regardless of the FDA decision, a backmonth as far as April is enough theta to buffer any 'further information', which I doubt will occur, because I do believe it will be approved finally this weekend for sale next year. Plus, an interesting note that the EU Approval of Thelin will help as Euro Sales will translate to stronger USD net income due to the currently plummeting dollar, and no more further rate hikes from the FOMC, if not, at least before April of next year, combined with a diminishing Short to Float ratio in ENCY. Basically, it's a spring that is tightly coiled and ready to pop, with the probability towards the upside of 55/45, and that's enough for me to get long.


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