Thursday, December 14, 2006

Today is Dec 14th: Look at this report...and the future...

Apparently, people just want to get their shit done early before the Holiday madness, and that includes releasing numbers early, shown here from the New York Federal Reserve Website... Too bad it's just a mere regional manufacturing report, but it's definitely way above estimates, as you can see, 23.1 versus the 18 that is expected 'tomorrow' at 8:30am. Hah, hah, fuck you very much, I'm long Usd now... I figure it should hit the tapes in about 15 minutes or so... and it should provide for some action during Nip trading hours. Now the term, 'Nip' is a mild ethnic slur, to the extent that 'Jap' is. WWII was rampant with lowly Allied footsoldiers using the word, 'Nip' like they were going to purchase, 'Nips' Cheese Crackers at the 'Lil General. Funny thing about 'racism', is that it's not a big deal or outrage when 'white trash' people are openly racist(except if you are a Police Officer, because in case you didn't know, most police officers are uneducated 'white trash'); anyways, it's only a problem when you've reached middle class or above. It's just another example of the hypocritical double standard warped skew on the 'Liberal Pussy Curve'.


At 8:17 AM, Blogger SphericalZoo said...

Yeah, me and some of them guys from Mitch & Murray are going over to Chinks for lunch.

I have date night with the wife tonight, but call me this weekend so we can drink something.


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