Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm Totally the type of Dork that will succumb to Warcraft...

It's a cold Saturday night right now in New York City, and I'm supposed to meet my dwarven warrior friend, Rhazbaruk later tonight, to take on these really arrogant and annoying Horde players in Menethil Bay. Menethil Bay? No, it's not in the Village, or Soho, or wherever. It's in Alzeroth!

Together I think we have a strategy to kill Vaingloria and Doofist, some Undead Horde guys, who kept sneaking up on me Thursday, and gutting me with some crazily powerful hatchet and fire trap(while I was not even looking at the screen, because I was running chi-square tests on practice problems, waiting for Rhazbaruk to fly all the way from Sentinel Hill on a gryphon to meet me and my pet bear Barnaby). To get a measure of dork and sadness, I said to 'Rhaz' before I logged off, 'See you later?' And instead of a simple, 'yeah, sure.' or 'yeah, see yah.' he responded, 'you know it.'

Horde and Alliance players when they communicate not intra, but inter(horde talking to alliance), there is an algorithm that turns English into Orcish, so each side has no idea what the other guy is saying(unless you understand Orcish), but sometimes, they will use 'underscore and spaces' to bypass the algorithm, and I could see what they are saying like: P_u_s_S_Y, when they kill me. I also notice that I am developing a hunchback due to the angular way I hold the keyboard and mouse, although chair height adjustments alleviate this.
I like to wear my newly purchased Led Zeppelin IV t-shirt while I play Warcraft in the middle of the night(no guilt there, because I'm too tired to study, and people are at home sleeping anyways), and trot off into a Battle of Evermore style quest. I avoided getting the Zeppelin 1977 tour shirt that has been respawning everywhere lately, because well, I was probably about two months old when they toured the U.S. in '77.


At 5:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DORK!!!!!!Dorky Orc!!!!
Do you have a velvet black black sabbath poster hanging on your wall? Why don't you put on a mullet wig when you're playing too? I hope those horde guys kick your ass!!!
Leroy Jenkins Rules!

At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 10:28 PM, Anonymous Dorky ORc said...

I don't need to put on a mullet wig, since I only cut my hair once every three to four months.


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