Friday, May 11, 2007

So I'm back....

Well, I've totally given up. I'm telling people nowadays, that I got a great job as the VP of Marketing for JPMorgan Chase. I'm actually that guy you see dressed up as the big blue dog that hands out pamphlets in front of Chase banks and atms. It's actually a good job, because although the dog suit is kinda hot, (and I could imagine what it's gonna be like in the summer), the kids like to laugh at me all the time, and they let me pat them on the head, and seem to like me, and because the costume covers my whole body, big blue paw mitts and all, you can't see a single tattoo!

I also applied to this exotic options position a while ago. And then I was checking my email, I got really excited when I saw what I thought was an employer response with 'exotic options position' in the title, and then I realized, I was checking my 'SENT' mail!



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