Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I've Felt the Coldness of my Winter... I'd never though it would GO..... (it hasn't)

Made enough going long [HON] on the open today, and then more so on the retracement on Honeywell, to pay for 'three' whole months of my 'minimum payment' on my credit card debt! (sarcasm) Yah. I'm not excited. I don't feel like the little baby cousin who you picked on savagely, and then in a brief respite, because of dinner, she thinks the torment is over... No. I'm fucked. Just like t-crit for r= r(sqrt of n-2/1-rsqrd).
And I traded 500-1000 shares at a time on the long side only. Look at the intraday chart on HON, and do the math. Therefore, I conclude that I KNOW I have 'insider' info on the impending collapse of 'Capital One'. If you know what I mean. They're idiots in the credit lending game, just as the subprime idiot were with mortgages. Ain't gonna be no bailout. No bailouts. I eat what I kill, and what kills me, starves me to death... Fine.Fair is fair. I hold NO Quarter.


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