Friday, November 19, 2004

I am the Porcelain Doll.

Eurozone data in line. France GDP in line, CPI and EU-HICP slightly above estimates, Industrial orders for Italy, stronger at .1 vs -.6. Greenspan and G-7Counterparts to bitch and moan Friday, followed by the G-20summit over the weekend. Euro consolidate at 129 High to 130 low. Yen stagnant around 104.00. What does this all mean to me? NOTHING. A clear break above the ascending triangle leaves further room to test 131.00 after the bullshit this weekend. My porcelain hands are tied, villified, handcuffed... no money to play with, only vile creditors to deal with...And I'm just a poor little Ragdoll... I never wanted to exist, but at the whims of chance, a soul was breathed into me, and I live only in pain. My net worth has dwindled to the negative. From a robust healthy financial condition, to almight debt. I once posted, 'Conquer your debt, and you will conquer death'... I was so close in doing that... but the furies would not allow this, and so I squandered like a degenerate gambler. Now I am a slave to many unforgiving interest rate hiking wealthy wasps and jews... such is my affliction. I could care less if the euro went to 1.40 or back down to 1.20, there's nothing for me to do. I have less than nothing. Mark my words... if I don't die within the next year... there will be a Rising... so mighty, the mountains will tremble... Posted by Hello


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