Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Classic FILLER Post...

Even with the most fisher price of trading platforms, I was able to get a client incredible fills on at least half of his position, but it's basically trying to race a suburu against a ducati... I had to actually 'slow down', pull my bids, let the offers fall hard(because I had a large bid that they were using as support), and then a few pennies lower, I piecemealed them for 500, 1000, 500, and then the anti-alex placed a large offer, basically to cap the market, and he didn't think that there was anybody out there with 'real executable size' as in, someone really wants to buy or sell a lot... So I slammed him for 4500 shrs, and he's probably knocked out cold somewhere, because the price action is up 3% after I took his offer, leaving him short at 10.79, leaving my client long at 10.79 and the current price action is 10.86.

Oh, yeah, better to use Curious frequencies for such topics. Stock was rather thin. I ended up getting filled on 90% of the position. So that was good enough. But that's just really adept trading combined with the proper price action and order flow via a lot of long term investors, and I could only identify about 3 traders in the mix, one of which I knocked out.

...but feel like I'm fading away into a peaceful nothingness... disappearing... it's okay...


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