Friday, February 17, 2006

Ashes to Ashes, Fun to Fuck it...

I'm fucking hungry. Need Ramen. I really think that MDMA(that's 'ecstasy' for you MTV breed faggots), Crack, and Cocaine, and Crystal Meth, and Ketamine, should be fully legal, ONLY after one passes a physical/psychological battery of tests proving that they can handle it and moderate the use of these narcotics without causing social or self destruction. I used them all routinely for a good five to seven year period, and was able to stop with the right 'tapering', yeah, do your homework, lazy fuck. No retarded delinquent violent behavior or overdose or anything like it(overdose is only acceptable if you truly find yourself in that rare situation where you have ZERO RESPONSIBILITY and that NOBODY or NOTHING will care a damn OR if those who you influence or those who love you agree that you'll be at more comfort being Dead). It's the Fucking PUSSIES(the loud majority) that do retarded things on these drugs. I tried black tar heroine once on the Crack days in 2002, and truthfully, it was like really good pure MDMA... nothing romanticized at all, and I wasn't 'hooked' to the point of doing white trash shit...Me and Leroy rented a one hour room up in Harlem and attempted to watch NFL playoffs, Leroy two weeks later hustled the shit out of me, and I said leave me alone please) I HATE the fact that now since I've stopped for several years, I now drink fucking shit ass whiskey, which is about 1% as PRODUCTIVE as the aforementioned narcotics, and completely doesn't enhance any physical or mental ability, let alone spiritual(if you're into that)... and is way the fuck less healthy. I also hate that I get about a 30 minute time frame a day alone to fucking be able to trade, right after rollover when the market is deader than zero life. Yeah, I like the long weekend, but I won't accomplish much during it.


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