Friday, February 17, 2006

Cut Loose the Anchor or Drown When the Sea of Shitclouds rises over my nose...

it's bad enough that I take anxiolytics to get through the work week. Worse even that nowadays I need to use them to have some 'peace of mind' on the weekends. Before, I didn't have too. Ands it's a long weekend coming up. What was once 'a career and an intellectual and almost athletic endeavor', I no longer have the appropiate time and circumstance to trade, hence this blog is sparsely limited with good data on barter.

I've accumulated enough data points on many topics. If things stay the way they are, and by 'things' I include many situations, not just the conventional... if things stay on this path, I'd be much better off fucking dead as severe fuck. Once again, there are no teachers qualified to advise me on these matters. And those that are, cannot be accessed at this time. It's a shame, that when you take things to a level beyond friendship, you place the friendship in jeopardy. It's an IDIOT'S GAME. More so, you open the box of malice from all associated parties, especially if the parties are of a certain uncultivated type with uncontrollable emotions. An ASSHOLE's GAME. After work, I will drink twice the amount of Jack or Dewars and keep my phone on silence.


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