Wednesday, February 08, 2006

MeeaahhActing Like A Robot... Who's Metal Brain Corrodes..

The Cycle Continues with a Vengeance that my small soul cannot currently withstand... damnation upon damnation... solidified, need to pound the table with the iron fist soon, or I will be gone... and the venerable timeless populist pussies will never understand(the truth makes them piss in their pants and fuck for distraction)... the weakness in me says I should wipeout some of these scum... but I'll let them exist in continual counterproduction... they will erode themselves... bicker without taking rational action until their mouths dry up... and caked blood coats their lips... they have no real leaders, nor do they want to take on the responsibilities of leadership... I will smite the next white janitor who completely unprovoked, cracks an unfunny asian joke to my face... that's the least I can do...

XTO earnings beat the street enough to keep it treading water for the day... NFG I don't know... long energy positions closed out a significant wave yesterday... no fresh shorts, so I see a buying opportunity... would've been nice to lock in 14% in two months and roll the rest in tax free paper... would've beaten most fund managers at least on $5MM assets... of course, you could get 200% returns on small assets in the same amount of time(as in forex)... but after $3MM in moderately liquid long only equities, it gets difficult...


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